Hello everyone! Sadie here, today I have been asked to explain why we choose to use robots at Innovate Pets. First off, I should explain just what a robot is. A robot is a large machine that performs a task all by itself without being told to do so by a human, kind of like I do when I bark at squirrels outside and keep the house safe without my human telling me to. During our treat-making process, Innovate Pets uses a robotic arm that can pick up and take the treats out of the mold and place them onto a large moving table. The robot can work all day long without a break or reward, which is impressive because even I do not do any work without the promise of a treat and belly rubs. Innovate Pets chooses to use robots in our production because robots are the cutting edge of manufacturing. At Innovate Pets, we pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest technologies and processes, just like how I stay up to date on the newest fashion trends. Imagine, any time of day, a fresh created treat just out of the mold ready to be eaten. Everyday we come closer to this vision; but, until then, it’s all hands on-deck to bring you the best treats possible.