Hi, my name is Sadie. I get to spend every day with my human friend at an amazing place that smells like the tastiest treats ever made! Although I want to eat every treat we make, I cannot, because I must watch my 5-pound figure. The treats start as powder in bags more than three times my size! Then the powder disappears into giant bowls that spin round and round and round, kind of like I do whenever I see my own tail. Then water is mixed in with the dry powder. I do not understand why they do that because my human gets mad when I mix my food with my water, but humans are a peculiar kind.  The food mix is then sent through a magical tube that makes the mix appear on the other side of the wall. The food mix is then pushed through a large machine that changes the mix into the tasty treats. Two giant metal pieces clamp together, stronger than my bite when I get a hold of my favorite chew toy, and out pops dozens of treats. Again, I do not know how the humans do this, but every time the metal clamps together, more and more treats are created! A claw grabs onto the treats inside of the metal, moves them from overhead, and drops them onto a moving table top. This is one of my favorite parts because it is like a miracle with treats falling from the sky! The moving table takes all the treats through a secret hatch in the wall into a separate room. In here, a different kind of human works…they look like regular humans, but they have nets over their heads and chins, and are wearing extra layers of clothing. I think this is because they do not want the smell of dog treats to stick to them. These oddly dressed humans then take the treats and place them into bags so tough that I cannot chew through them…I’ve tried. Then the humans place the treats into large boxes. After the boxes, all the treats disappear. I try to tell them to save some for me, but they never do. This is the best place to work because it always smells like fresh and tasty treats and makes all my other doggie friends jealous that I get to be the resident taste tester for the best treats ever made!