Hi all! Sadie here! Today I have been asked to explain a little more about the dog treat-making industry as a whole! To start off, I was relieved to find out that the dog treats are not made of actual dog. Some of my friends did not show up at the park last week and I was frightened. No, all treats start off as things like dried chicken, pork or other meats. Some even add yummy flavors like cheddar cheese. I have been urging them to make a leather shoe flavored treat, but no one has come back to me on that. From there, the humans mix the ingredients with water to make a dough. This is where the different treat techniques come into play. Depending on what kind of machine the dough is fed into makes different shapes and textures of treats. Some machines stamp out treats, then place them onto a conveyer belt and bake them in an oven longer than the track at my favorite park. Ovens like this put off a lot of heat that I would personally use to get my tan on. These baked biscuits are crunchy and do not have as much flavor and make my human mad when I leave crumbs on the carpet. I try not to leave any leftovers because crumbs on the carpet mean that my human must get out the evil vacuum monster! Other machines extrude treats in long uniform shapes and cut the treats to the wanted length. Sometimes I fantasize about laying at the end of the machine and letting the treats fall right into my mouth! These treats are chewy and packed with vitamins and healthy nutrients! They give me all the energy I need to do my daily hour of chasing the neighbors’ cats. Finally, my overall favorite types of treats are the ones that are injected into a mold and are formed into 3-D shapes! These can range from bones all the way to the shape of a human toothbrush! These are my favorite because they double as a chew toy! They are hard and full of flavors, so it takes me a while to finish and I get to enjoy it for longer! Finally, all of the different kinds of treats are packaged and ready to be sent to my doggy friends all across the world!