Robot and Me Without a Promise of Belly Rubs

  Hello everyone! Sadie here, today I have been asked to explain why we choose to use robots at Innovate Pets. First off, I should explain just what a robot is. A robot is a large machine that performs a task all by itself without being told to do so by a human, kind... read more

How to Make Pet Treats in An Innovative Way

Hi, my name is Sadie. I get to spend every day with my human friend at an amazing place that smells like the tastiest treats ever made! Although I want to eat every treat we make, I cannot, because I must watch my 5-pound figure. The treats start as powder in bags... read more

How Different Kinds of Treats Are Made

Hi all! Sadie here! Today I have been asked to explain a little more about the dog treat-making industry as a whole! To start off, I was relieved to find out that the dog treats are not made of actual dog. Some of my friends did not show up at the park last week and I... read more